Family first has always been the centerfold of my life. This holds especially true for my baby sister, Remy. 


I can remember vividly as a child, sitting next to her in the back seat of the car, peering out of the window, watching the orange leaves fall around our 200-year-old family home. As we would slowly approach the old gray stone driveway, our father would boldly begin saying; "home again, home again...." waiting for us to erupt with pride and joy to sing along with him. We would finish this ritual chant together; "home again, home again jiggity jig!" For years we would say this. 

This past year my sister left the country to live in Europe. Before she left, I wanted to give her a gift that was one of kind and had more meaning than anything else that I had ever given her. 

I recorded my voice saying "home again, home again jiggity jig!" and transformed it into a bracelet to give to her the night before she left. All my life, Remy has been my side kick and my shoulder to lean on. Despite the adventurous spirit that I undoubtedly know lives in her...I wanted to remind her to come back home again.


"AMOwaves's mission is to give everyone the opportunity to create and gift a one-of-a-kind emotional experience."


Ian Bennett