“How do I submit my audio?”
Submitting audio is simple. please see this page to learn how to submit audio.

“How long can my audio be?”
The length of the audio can be NO longer than 10 seconds.

“What material are the bracelets made with?”
Most of our bracelets are made out of steel and layered with your desired finish.

“Are the bracelets hand made?”
Each bracelet is designed by hand and 3D printed in the USA.

“How do I know which size to buy?”
Picking the right size can be stressful. Here is our guide to help you pick the right size. If you are unsure or confused please email info@amowaves.com.

“How long will it take for my bracelet to be delivered?”
Because each bracelet is a one-of-kind bracelet, it takes around 3-4 weeks for design, production and delivery to be completed. *unless stated otherwise

“What types of audio can I use?”
Any sound that that can be recorded and sent (or recorded via calling us and leaving a voicemail) can be used to create your bracelet

“Can I use the sound of a heartbeat?”
Yes. You can submit an audio file or if you have an image of the heart beats please email the photo to info@amowaves with your order number.

“What’s the difference between True waves and Classic Waves?”
True waves is a literal interpretation of the exact sound waves. Classic waves is a loose interpretation of the sound waves.

“Will there be more finishing options?”
Yes, we will be adding more finishing options to our collections in the near future. If there is a particular finish you are interested in please email your suggestion to info@amowaves.com

Wondering something else? Send us your thoughts or questions to info@amowaves.com