How to submit Audio AFTER PURCHASING

To get starting making your True/Classic Waves bracelet, we’ll need you to submit your audio. This could be a voice recording, favorite sound, or song. To do this, you have 2 options:


Call us, and record your voice by leaving a voicemail 

  • Call (740) 237-7266 
  • At the beep, please state - your first & last name, followed by your order # (included in your confirmation email)
  • Take a brief, 3 second pause of silence 
  • Speak your voice recording (remember, it must be 10 seconds or less)

*if you ordered multiple bracelets, please call 2 separate times and specify which audio is for which bracelet in your voice message  


Record your voice or a sound using a smartphone & email the audio file to (please keep in mind that we can only use 10 seconds of the audio, to accurately base your bracelet off of the file’s waveforms).

Here is a helpful site on using an iPhone to record and share audio.

*if you ordered multiple bracelets, please send multiple audio files and specify which file is for which bracelet

If you have a question or need assistence, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Audio ideas 

amo audio 4.png